[Advaita-l] 'Ishwaro'ham' and 'IshwarabhAvaH'

balagopal ramakrishnan rbalpal at yahoo.co.in
Tue Sep 10 06:07:47 CDT 2013

>>>>Madhusudana Saraswati like Sridhara explicitly says Krishna's form is eternal. It is not just his opinion but supported by logic and sabda pramana. If you say Krishna's form is temporary, it is for you to base your statement on the works of an advaita purvacharya and sastras. I agree that we - not only me but we - should go by pramanas. 

Insisting on the 'pramana' is the right way to discuss, Venkataramani Ji; as it is the only way to arrive at meaningful conclusions. It also helps in stretching the mind and clear one's understanding. But the problem is how do we say one is an authority and the other isn't the ultimate authority! This can happen only when the whole arguments are presented before such a person and get it ratified. Scriptures do have the tendency to suit one's arguments unless the opponent is equally or more versatile in all  the scriptures.

Straying from the main topic...doesn't BGVerse 4 /5 -"bahUni me .. para.ntapa  " - indicate Bhagavan's descendances before the present form of 'krishna'. Verse 4/6 - " ajo.api ..AtmamAyayA " - says he comes and goes at his on will. Verses 7 & 8  - "yadA yadA...yuge yuge  " - clearly says that he comes with a purpose. Now this is only to differentiate the 'janmashtami Krishna and the eternal Krishna ( as Swami Paramarthananda Ji says in his Gita classes).



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