[Advaita-l] Padmapurana verse on Mayavada

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 "yenātivrajya tri-guṇaṁ" does not mean one becoming traigunya.  
RV: Please check Sridhara Swamin's purport and then we can come to yours if it is inadequate.
You are nor right in assuming that the Advaitin desires for Mukti. 
RV: What is the purpose of sravana, manana and nidhidhyasana if it is not for moksha? On the other hand, a pure bhakta loves god out of natural attraction. He does not desire moksha.

>The Bhagavatam itself says that the Bhakta does not get any type of Mukti. Anybody with open mind will  very well understand that the mental state of the Bhakta is such that he prefers to stay in the dark by clinging to the Ishvara through the rope of Bhakti and does not want to open the door to get the light of Jnana. The Advaita jnana may not come to such people in one birth.
RV: If you are not qualified and follow the path of jnana, you run the risk of becoming unhappy. On the other hand, Bhakti does not need qualification as we see from countless examples in smrti and legends. Also, there is no risk for a bhakta. If he does not get atma jnana, he will be born in a family of yogis etc. and continue.  Krisha says my devotee never perishes. A bhakta may reject five types of moksha but he nevertheless gets vishnu bhava - mad-bhāvāyopapadyate. 
sa eva bhakti-yogākhya
ātyantika udāhṛtaḥ
yenātivrajya tri-guṇaṁ


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