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Sorry for the slip of e-pen. Please read as 

"yenātivrajya tri-guṇaṁ" does not mean one becoming
Nistraigunya"   in place of 

"yenātivrajya tri-guṇaṁ" does not mean one becoming

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Either you do not want to admit  the meaning of  Nistraigunya  or you are unaware of its meaning.  With the three gunas the Maya or prakrti creates the world (with the Lord's assent) and only by being Nistraigunya one can be out of the clutch of the Maya. The Bhakti marga does not allow one to go beyond the Maya. Bhakti only helps one to live happily within the Maya or Prakriti as long as one does not slip out of the path of Bhakti. The Lord has created this world with his Maya and by remaining   in the path of Bhakti  the Bhakta can live happily.  The Jnani too lives within prakrti but that is only till  his videhamukti. Bhakta is never beyond the Maya or Prakrti. The moment the Bhakta falls from the path of Bhakti he or she will lose his happiness. That is why Kapila exhorts one to escape the Maya or Prakrti at the earliest opportunity and not to prolong the dillydallying with Prakrti. "yenātivrajya tri-guṇaṁ" does not mean one becoming

You are nor right in assuming that the Advaitin desires for Mukti. The Advaitin does not desire for Mukti. The Advaitin acquires the Jnana and that is by the grace of the Sadguru as well as of Lord Krishna, who is the Jagadguru. That makes the Advaitin realize that he or she has never been Amukta. He is one with the Brahman.

The Bhagavatam itself says that the Bhakta does not get any type of Mukti. Anybody with open mind will  very well understand that the mental state of the Bhakta is such that he prefers to stay in the dark by clinging to the Ishvara through the rope of Bhakti and does not want to open the door to get the light of Jnana. The Advaita jnana may not come to such people in one birth.

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>RV: Please read the next verse. These high class devotees attain vishnu bhava because their goal is bhakti not even mukti. 
>SKB :The subsequent two verses only confirm what I wrote. I did not say  that Bhakti goes waste. What I said is that those with pure bhakti  don't get any type of Mukti, as bhakti incapacitates them to desire Mukti. They may be able to deal with the three gunas better,  but they cannot be nistraigunya as long they cherish bhakti alone. They can be happy in their state as long as they remain devoted to the Lord but the Mukti is not for them.
RV: A pure bhakta rejects all types mukti including ekatva. It does not mean that he is bound by trigunas. The next verse clearly says that he transcends the trigunas and attains the same bhAva as Vishnu.  
sa eva bhakti-yogākhya
ātyantika udāhṛtaḥ
yenātivrajya tri-guṇaṁ

>The Advaita is for the Mukti and that too the highest or the ultimate type of  Mukti, the Ekatva. Thus there is a paradigm difference between the Bhakti marga and the Jnana marga and it is sheer irrationality to compare Advata with Non-Advaita.
RV:  The desire for mukti is based on ignorance that I am bound. One who knows that bondage and liberation are not real cannot desire for liberation. A pure bhakta, who does not desire liberation and is spontaneously engage in acts of devotion without expectation of results, is a true jnAni not one who desires freedom out of fear of the trials and tirbulations of the world. Even though he does not desire liberation including ekatva, he attains Vishnu bhAvA as confirmed in the next verse. This is advaita siddhi as per Sridhara. 
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