[Advaita-l] Jambudveepa in our saMkalpa

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This article was actually published by me on my facebook page,
"Brahmin Culture and Tradition". These infos were extracted from an
article published in another website which in turn is based on the
book authored by Lokamanya Balagangadhar Tilak. I am yet to read this
book but here's the link to the main article that I had referred to
which cites the above info. The link also provides an image describing
the geographical distribution of the world. Maybe that image will
provide you a better understanding of the arguments being put forth.


Of course, the last part about the tragedy in our educational system
was added by me, only to highlight that such theories are not
presented to students & we blindly study whatever Westerners put
before us. As a student myself I have seen in my past years as to how
Indian culture, science,etc were shown in poor light while exclusively
highlighting non-Indian subjects.

The post was certainly not a baseless one as implied by Vidyasankarji
& the main objective was to present the work of great men like
Lokamanya Tilak before people in order to create awareness & instigate
more research into it.

Here's the link to the book by Tilakji,


& the image I mentioned


Abhishek Madhyastha

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>> Subject: [Advaita-l] Jambudveepa in our saMkalpa
>> praNAms
>> Hare Krishna
>> The below is a forwarded one...I found it as an interesting reading. Hope
>> you too...
>> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>> bhaskar
> Bhaskar, articles like these are always disappointing, because they go off
> on a tangent about Aryans,
> Western missionaries, Indian government and education etc. After reading
> through it, I could not find
> the author proposing a definitive answer to the question. All the northern
> continents may be part of
> jambUdvIpa, but America and Europe are nevertheless not part of
> bhAratavarsha, bharatakhaNDa.
> So, what are they? I find nothing and I wonder if the author does have an
> answer.
> For what it is worth, all south Indian purohitas in the US whom I've seen
> say the saMkalpa as kraunca-
> dvIpe, ramaNaka-varshe aindra-khaNDe, no matter whether they are
> Srauta-smArta or SrIvaishNava or
> mAdhva. I have no idea what other traditions transplanted here say and I
> have no idea what they say
> in Europe.
> Vidyasankar
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