[Advaita-l] 'khsha' kAra in yajurveda saMhita maNtra-s

kuntimaddi sadananda kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 5 06:54:11 CDT 2013

Just for a joke and nothing to do with the above thread.
One who does not know how to pronounce sha, Sha, sa - went to his teacher when a word came where he has to pronounce - He asked, sir should I pronounce this world with cha as in chiva cha, or cha as in chanmugam cha, or cha as in charaswati cha - what cha I have to use here. 
The teacher holding his head in both hands said - you can pronounce any cha you want, it would not make any difference for you.
Hari Om!

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