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Jambudveepa can refer to location in celestial space and other dveepas can represent other locations/dimensions in celestial space. This is what I read in some Madhva sites, a book by C N Rao, and a book by Richard Thompson.

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> The below is a forwarded one...I found it as an interesting reading.  Hope 
> you too...
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
> All of us would have probably heard the words, ".....Jambudveepe Bharatha 
> Varshe Bharata Khande....." during the sankalpa mantram which forms an 
> integral part of all Vedic rituals. However, most people in foreign 
> countries regularly come to our page with the doubt as to how they must 
> modify this sankalpa mantra to suit the etymology of those countries. This 
> post hopes to throw some light on this aspect.
> What exactly is this "Jambudwipa"?
> Jambudveepa consisted of modern Asia, Europe, Africa and North America and 
> not merely the Indian subcontinent.
> This Jambudvipa was divided into nine varshas (geographical regions) of 
> which one was Bharatha Varsha. The other eight varshas were:
> 2.Ketumula Varsha
> 3.Hari Varsha
> 4.Ilavrita Varsha
> 5.Kuru Varsha
> 6.Hiranyaka Varsha
> 7.Ramyaka Varsha
> 8.Kimpurusha Varsha
> 9.Bhadrasva Varsha.
> India which was then called Bharathavarsha extended in the west including 
> the regions of modern Egypt, Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Iran, Sumeria upto 
> Caspian Sea (which was called Kashyapa Samudra in those days). Within this 
> Bharata Varsha was located the Bharata Khanda which was the heart of the 
> Vedic civilization & the place where we Indians currently reside. This is 
> one of the innumerous proofs that the Indo-Aryan race theory is a 
> conspiracy theory moulded by western countries to show us in poor light. 
> All of the regions so mentioned in the race theory are a part of Bharata 
> Varsha & there was never a so called "invasion".
> What is amazing is the fact that our ancestors had an excellent overview 
> of the geography of the world back then.
> It can be observed that in those times, most of South American continent, 
> southern half of African Continent and entire Australia were submerged 
> under water. On the other hand most of modern day Atlantic ocean and 
> Pacific ocean, and the entire Arctic ocean were above sea level.
> This also proves the logical fallacy of the Western missionaries which 
> claim that the Vedic civilization is just 5000 years old, Kurukshetra war 
> took place just a few thousand years back,etc. The vedic civilization 
> existed at times when Australia was submerged below the ocean! Imagine how 
> long back that must have been!
> What is rather disappointing is the fact that our government to this day 
> teaches all sorts of disproved, anti-Indian & illogical theories in our 
> textbooks solely for "minority appeasement" & to support the slow 
> conversion on Hindus to Christianity, a mission well sponsored by the 
> missionaries of the West.
> The credits for this discovery go to the great soul Lokamanya 
> Balagangadhar Tilak. More info can be found in his book �The Arctic Home 
> in the Vedas�.
> Its disgusting that our government teaches our younger generations to 
> think how worthless our ancestors were rather than teaching them about 
> these great discoveries by such patriots.
> I am reminded of the time when the Congress & other pseudosecular parties 
> cried about "Saffronisation of India!" when LK Advani made a proposal to 
> introduce lessons about the great sages of our country. Its time we wake 
> up & understand who is ruling us & what their true agenda is. Are our 
> sages not Indians? Can you name one country which shows its own 
> personalities in poor light to appease its minorities(although minorities 
> are not at all benefitted by it!)?
> Its not that we are siding with any political party, but we shall 
> certainly not accept those parties which intend to slowly destroy Sanatana 
> Dharma through covert means!
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