[Advaita-l] 'Ishwaro'ham' and 'IshwarabhAvaH'

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> Sivalinga. Most RK Math and Sivananda centers don't aim to be temples, but
> where they maintain temples, it is Kali or a Sivalinga at the center
> sanctum.

​I don't know from where did you get the impression that kAlI or
shivali~Nga is worshiped by RK Math people. As far as I know they keep bANa
li~Nga to make it adhikaraNa of AvAhana of rAmakR^iShNa. They don't worship
shiva on that. They have mantra-s created to worship rAmakR^iShNa as
sarva-deva-devI-svarUpa, and hence they don't worship anyone apart from him.
Moreover, rAmakR^iShNa himself worshiped his photo(or something!!). From an
outsiders point of view, it appears just as 'vipralipsA'.
Anyway, it has nothing to do with prANa of this thread. So, please ignore


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