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Sun Sep 1 05:52:29 CDT 2013

PraNAms to all
For those who are interested, we will start studying 4th Chapter of Panchadasi starting from this Sunday. There will be two classes - one from 9:30 to 10:30AM EST and the other from 10:45 to 11:45AM EST. 
This chapter deals with dviata viveka - discrimination of the duality. There are two types of duality; one is Iswara sRiShTi and the other is Jiiva sRiShTi. The external world of plurality for which Iswara is both the intelligent and material cause - abhinna nimitta upaadana kaaraNam. However Iswara does not create the world according to his own whims and fancies but based on the demand of all jiivas put together. That creation involves creator but as per the blue print laid down by the jiivas who are going to enjoy the creation. 
The second aspect of creation is that besides Iswara, jiiva also has some creative power to create. Hence the external creation is internally perceived with clouded vision of the jiivas. The vision is clouded by the likes and dislikes of the jiiva  or by his prior samskaara or vaasanaas. 
Vidyaranya shows that there is no problem with Iswara sRiShTi but the problem of life struggles and samsara is due to jiiva sRiShTi only. Knowledge only makes one to understand the cause of the problem and by dispassion and viveka, one can overcome ones likes and dislikes and thus eliminate the jiiva sRiShTi and see the Iswara sRiShTi in all its vibhuuti or glory. This realization can occur only when one understands the total creation in perspective as nothing but Brahman appearing - as though- as multitude of plurality and in the process eliminates ones individual likes and dislikes or vaasanaas and thus enjoy the beauty of the whole creation. This is the essence of dviata viveka. 
The talks will be webcasted from 9:30-10:30AM EST and again from 10:45-11:45AM EST at www.livestream.com/advaita_sadaji 
Hari Om!

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