[Advaita-l] Samit Pani, do we really have to stretch this ??

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Tue Oct 29 01:19:48 CDT 2013

praNAms Sri Venkatesh prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Just my few additional thoughts :

In Advaita Parampara we can see Rishis like Vasishtha, Sakti, Parashara,
Vyasa and Suka. Those Rishis were householders living with wives and

> AFAIK, shuka was not a householder, he was a born jnAni, anyway, let 
that matter be aside.

They were doing Yajnas regularly. But they were Brahma Jnanis. No
one can deny that.

>  jnAna and karma cannot go hand in hand, there is an elaborated 
discussion on this in shankara's geeta bhAshya.  Here shankara gives 
details how the paramArtha jnAni cannot engage himself in karma-s. 

In Upanishad period all Brahma Jnanis were householders only. There were 

>  I am afraid, this is rather an exaggerated claim.  prabhuji, do you 
have any scriptural reference for this statement?? BTW, I am not able to 
understand this upanishad period!! since tradition holds that veda-s are 
anAdi, apaurusheya & its doctrine is not time-bound. 

In Upanishad period the Advaita was followed was different. It was like
Mandana Mishra's Advaita like mixing Jnana and Karma.

>  I dont think so, coz., upanishad itself says na karamaNa naprajaya, 
tyAgenaike amrutatvamAnashuH...saNyAsa yOga is well documented in shruti 

 A Brahma Jijnasu was doing Yajnas and studying Upanishads also at the 
same time. It was Jnana
Karma Samuccaya Vada of Mandana Mishra. Mandana Mishra has praised Vaidika
Karmas are important for Brahma Jnana.

>  I think pUrva mImAmsaka-s have described vedAnta (jnAna kAnda) as 
eulogy, arthavAda.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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