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Thank you Jaldhar ji for warm welcome :)

I am a Gujarati Brahmin, 32, M, (by birth and smArta by default). I am not
a sanskrit scholar. Just an average guy trying to live a spiritual life.

I manage INDIASPIRITUALITY <http://www.indiaspirituality.blogspot.com/>Blog (
http://www.indiaspirituality.blogspot.in/) and Understanding
Advaita<https://sites.google.com/site/understandingadvaita/>- UA - (
https://sites.google.com/site/understandingadvaita/). UA was created
because I was a bit disturbed by reading much being said to advaita and our
acharya (Adi Shankara). Not being a scholar, I had to spend much time to
find the truth. As a laymen, you will believe what you read and lack of
information makes you helpless. I do not want others, like me, to spend
more time find info on advaita.

I am not a good writer, nor do I have command in English language. I do not
know if I have done justice in correctly projecting advaita. If any member
find that I have given any wrong info, please let me know. Site is not
complete, and, I think, it will never be, as I keep adding new stiff as and
when I get time.

I could not find adhyArOpa apavAda in all ten Upanishads, hence I went
ahead to create one.

I have some questions which I will ask in new mail




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Thanks and Regards

Sujal Upadhyay

"To disconnect from the self and to become Aware of anything else is
nothing but unhappiness" - Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi

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