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Dear Sri Venkatesh
Usually the Gurukula of yore was something akin to a college with hostel.Food was provided by the guru himself as he was a householder with his dharmapathni taking care of the needs of the food requirements of the disciples.The disciples will do the errands like washing clothes for the guru getting fuel woods - Lord Sri Krishna 's stay at Sri Sandeepani's ashram is an example.So a guru need not be a sanyasi.He will impart knowledge of the Vedas and Upanishads.Brahmajnanam is a subjective experience.What our Acharya says is that for Brahma Jnana Karma kanda is only a preliminary requirement and one should not  get stuck with it.He does not say Gurukulavasam is a waste.During Gurukula vasam Karma kanda has to be followed.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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> On 25-Oct-2013, at 11:29 am, Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Namaste
> In Prashna Upanisad the Brahma Jnaninaha like Bharadwaja'son Sukesha,
> Satyakama, Sauryayani, Ashvalayana Kausalya, Bhargava and Katyayana
> Kabandhi  the six Brahma Nishthas approached the Guru Pipplada with Samit
> sticks in hands.
> In Upanisads the disciple will approach his Guru with fuel sticks in hand.
> Why? He will give the fuel sticks to the Guru. The Guru is not be a
> Sanyasi. He may perform many Yajnas and he is teaching Brahma Jnana to
> disciples. Sanyasis cannot perform Yajnas and fire rituals like this.
> But this is going against Adi Sankara's argument Brahma Jnana will happen
> after giving up Karma Kanda.
> Kindly clear this doubt.
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> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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