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But there is no warming of body with Loukika Agni in Indian traditions.
There are always three fires like Ahavaniya, Garhapatya and Dakshina Agnis.
Minimum requirement is Garhapatya must be always burning. They require fuel
sticks always. But the three fires are for doing fire rituals only. They
cannot be for keeping body warm.

But Sanyasis will not keep the three fires. They cannot use Loukika Agni to
keep warm. They must withstand cold in the winter and heat in summer. They
cannot escape from them.

Why Adi Sankara is saying Sanyasa is required for Brahma Jnana? This is a
puzzling question.

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> PraNAms
> One explanation is it is fire wood required to keep warm in the cold hills
> of Himalayas where Gurus were sitting in those days, in contemplation. They
> really do not need anything, but student was asked to approach a teacher
> with an attitude of service. This is also stated as requirement in the
> Mudaka sloka - preeksha lokaan karmachitaan brahmano...
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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> >In Prashna Upanisad the Brahma Jnaninaha like Bharadwaja'son Sukesha,
> >Satyakama, Sauryayani, Ashvalayana Kausalya, Bhargava and Katyayana
> >Kabandhi  the six Brahma Nishthas approached the Guru Pipplada with Samit
> >sticks in hands.
> >
> >In Upanisads the disciple will approach his Guru with fuel sticks in hand.
> >Why? He will give the fuel sticks to the Guru. The Guru is not be a
> >Sanyasi. He may perform many Yajnas and he is teaching Brahma Jnana to
> >disciples. Sanyasis cannot perform Yajnas and fire rituals like this.
> >
> >But this is going against Adi Sankara's argument Brahma Jnana will happen
> >after giving up Karma Kanda.
> >
> >Kindly clear this doubt.
> >
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