[Advaita-l] Locus of maayaa and avidyaa

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> praNAms Sri Sadananda prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> 1. avidyaa either at jiiva level or maayaa at Iswara level are also part of
> vyaavahaarika only - hence mithyaa - hence sat asat vilakshanNam - hence
> bhaava-abhaava vilakshaNam too.
> >  avidyA is not anirvachaneeya and according to vyAkhyAnakAra-s avidyA
> > is
> NOT bhAvAbhava vilakshaNa it is bhAva rUpa and the upAdAna kAraNa to the
> adhyAsa and kindly note this upAdAna kAraNa bhAva rUpa avidyA is NOT
> jnAnAbhAva, it is something special and separate from jnAnAbhAva.

I don't know which of vyAkhyAnakAra-s is being talked here. At least, none from traditional-s talked like that.
You are saying that avidyA is not anirvachanIyA. But, that's not correct. Every vyAkhyAnakAra supports it's anirvachanIyatvam, otherwise it would be real. How could anything apart from brahma be accepted as nirvachanIya, i.e. real in advaitamatam?
You are saying that avidyA is not bhAvAbhAvavilakShaNa because it is bhAvarUpA and upAdAnakAraNa of jagat. It is also not GYAnAbhAvarUpA. Most of it is correct, but not the whole.
avidyA is said bhAvarUpA to distinguish it from GYAnAbhAva, and not to give it bhAva-status. Because, if any anAdi thing is also bhAva-vastu, as brahma, it must be nitya or GYAnAnivartya. So, bhAvAbhAvavilaxaNatvam is also correct for avidyA, because it maintains it's mithyAtvam.
See chitsukhI for it :
bhAvvAbhAvavilaxaNasyAGYAnasyAbhAvavilaxaNatvamAtreNa bhAvatopachArAd ।

I was just attracted by wrong projection of vyAkhyAnakAra-s. So, the relevant part is replied here.


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