[Advaita-l] Locus of maayaa and avidyaa

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Shree Rajaram - Forgot to mention - In the Bhaashya of Maitreyee Brahmana, which we are going to do exhaustive analysis during the coming Memorial Day camp, Shankara provides a very beautiful introductory analysis - that starts with quote from previous chapters - aatmetyevopaaseeta - where during furture discussion both vidya and avidya aspects are illustrated showing how karma and varnaasrama dharmaas etc orginate due to avidyaa - justifying why sanyaasa is required to abide for nidhidhyaasana and why yagnyavalkya was getting ready to leave the house for higher pursuits.
For those who are interested the talks will be available on livestream 
www.livestream.com/advaita_sadaji - coming Saturday and Sunday from 9:00AM on. 
Hari Om!

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>In relation to muula avidya, yes; as I understand - That is what Subbuji has been presenting.
>Hari Om!
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>>Did Sankara interchange-ably use avidya and maya or not? 
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