[Advaita-l] Adi Shankara's Amarushataka

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed May 22 01:11:27 CDT 2013

Whose commentary it was, which you could read ? 
Have you also read the Shringerashataka and compared that 
with the AmarushatakaIt and found any difference in the treatment 
of the subject ? It appears to me
I have read telugu commentary on amarukashataka by a famous vedic scholar
Br.Sri. D.Vishwanatha Sarma.  This commentary is the publication by
Sadhana Grantha Mandali of Tenali.  They have published a series of
books written by Sankara under the title "sankara granthAvaLi" and this 
Amaruka Shataka happens to be the 16th volume.  
Also, if we compare the subject in Sringara Shataka and Amaruka Shataka,
the way poet deals with the subtle aspects of rasa siddhi are quite different. 
Bhartruhari's 3 shatakas ie., neeti, sringara & vairagya symbolically represent
brahmacharya, grihastha and sanyAsa ashrama dharma respectively.  In his
sringara shataka, it is said that whoever studies this work, is bound to get
sringAra bhAvAs.  And this sringAra bhAva is verily required between 
pati and his dharma patni for conjugal bliss.  
Whereas, the subject matter in Amaruka Shataka has been dealt in a different
way and the moods of the reader varies from sringara rasa to karuna rasa etc. 
But, at last, the culimination of this conjugal bliss results in advaita-bhAva for 
the nAyaka towards his nAyika. 
This forum is not the correct platform to discuss the subtle aspects of
sringAra bhAva and hence i stop here.  There are certain tAntric bhAvAs
hidden in this sringAra rasa which encodes the "rati-kreeDa" between 
Siva and His consort Sakti.  These bhAvAs are the underlying principle
for "bhAva-siddhi" and "Ananda-siddhi" in kauLAchAra.

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