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Tue May 21 21:13:28 CDT 2013

Here is the report on Sankara Jayanti Celebrations at Madras Sanskrit
College.  Sent again  by Sri Sri Sundararaman Mahodaya.

*Sankara Jayanthi Lectures at Madras Sanskrit College 2013*

Lectures in Tamil were delivered as part of Sankara Jayanthi celebration at
Madras Sanskrit College starting from 10th May 2013.

The function was inaugurated by Nochur Sri Venkataraman with his lecture on
Atma Vidya appreciating the efforts of Madras Sanskrit College established
by Sri Krishnaswami Iyer whose 150 Birth Centenary was celebrated combining
with Sankara Jayanthi celebration.

Dr R Krishnamurthi Sastri,(RK) former Principal of Madras Sanskrit College
briefly mentioned the efforts taken by Sri Iyer in establishing Madras
Sanskrit College, Sri Venkataramana Dispensary, as well as the Indian Bank.

Under the supervision of RK daily Chathurveda Parayanam was conducted on
all days with mahanyasa purasra abhishekam to Adisankara vighraham followed
by archana, deeparadhana in the morning followed by lecture programme in
the evening.Lunch was provided at RK’s residence for pandits doing Veda
parayanam,bhashya parayanam etc. Sambhavana expenses were met by RK from
collections from Vedanta students.

On the first day Dr N Veezhinathan, retired Head of Dept., Philosophy
Dept.,  Gave a lecture on Acharya Mahima elucidating the significance of
Adisankara  Bhashya in establishing Advaita Vedanta.

On the second day Dr K Ramasubramanian (son of RK) gave a lecture on
Mundaka Upanishad linking modern views to Advaita Vedanta.

On the third day RK delivered a lecture on Hasthamalakeeyam, based on
of Adisankara.The significance of writing a commentary on the work of his
disciple  by Adisankara was effectively brought out by RK.

On the fourth day Dr Goda Venkateswara Sastri gave a lecture on Chapter 5
of Bhagavad Gita; he effectively brought out the thoughts of modern people
and how these are answered by Sankara Bhashyam of this chapter.

On the last day Dr R Mani Dravid gave a lecture on Prajapathi Vidya of
Chandokya Upanishad.His erudite scholarship effectively bringing out the
significance of Sankara Bhashyam was appreciated by one and all

Sambhavana to lecturers was given by Sanskrit College authorities from
endowments created for the purpose. The Sankara's vighraham was brought out
for  Rajaveedhi pradhakshinam with Veda Ghosham, Nadaswaram besides Nama
sankeerthanam in the evening of Sankara Jayanthi

The audio tamil lectures are available in
www.mediafire.com/sankaragurukulamunder a separate folder titled
Sankara jayanthi 2013/Sanskrit College for
free download.

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