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Sankara Jayanthi 2013

* *

The Jayanthi programme started 0n 5th May as per schedule with Prathishta
day celebration;there was a special (mahanyasapurasra) abhishekam of the
idols with special alankaram followed by deeparadhana.The evening programme
started with Dr R Krishnamurthi Sastrigal delivering his first lecture on
Siddhi Literature ie Istasiddhi by

HH Vimukthathman.Sr K Sundararaman (KSR) welcomed the audience of more than
75 vedanta students.It was a good augary that Rkji is starting the lecture
programme who is a

Vamsavali of Thethiyur being son of Mullaivasal Ganapadigal the illustrious
disciple of Thehtiyur whose birth centenary was celebrated in last Oct;Rkji
also got the prestigious title “Sastra Rathnakara” the title his Paramaguru
got in his days.Understanding the significance the audience applauded
Rkji.KSR mentioned that Istasiddhi is being used by HH Ramanuja as
“Mahapurva paksha” and hence became more popular.

The second lecture was by Dr R Mani Dravid(MDS) (a President awardee) on
Brahmasiddhi by HH Mandanamisra.on the following day.MDS mentioned that the
arguments used by the author were later supported by Bhamithi as well as
Vivaranam in some aspects.The scholarship of MDS was evident from the deep
analysis of the views

of the author of the book.

The third lecture was on 9th May by Dr K Ramasubramanian(KRS) s/o of Dr R
Krishnamurthi Sastrigal;KRS hold a Ph.D on theotrical physics and also well

in Vedanta studying under the lotus feet of his father.He took the subject
of Advaita

Siddhi by HH Madhusudana Saraswati,a book written to oppose the views of
Nayayamritham of HH Vysaraya.Despite being terse, with use of Nyaya KRS

simple examples to make ordinary student understand the principles.

The Sankara Jayanthi celebration was started on 10th May with inaguration

Nochur Sri Venkataraman in the morning.At the request of the family of

he has promised to give one lecture per year in  order to encourage the
Vedanta students.

More than 25 people participated in Chadhur veda parayanam besides daily
mahanyasa japam,abhishekam,puja and deeparadhana.

 The Jayanthi of Thethiyur was celebrated on 11th May with Abhishekam and
puja as well

as deeparadhana.

 On 12th may Dr Mani Dravid gave his lecture on Swarajyasiddhi by HH
Ganagadharendra Saraswati a former pointiff of Sonda Sornavalli Mutt in
Sirsi, Karnataka;KSR added that sanyasa for the present pointiff was given
by HH Jayendra Saraswati and is a very old Mutt.

 Dr Goda Venkateswara rao gave a lecture on fifth Siddhi ie Nyshkarmya
Siddhi by HH Sureswaracharya,one of the foremost disciple of Adisankara.

 On the Jayanthi day ie 15th may there was a Rajaveedhi pradakshinam with
nadhaswaram in the morning followed by abhishekam,puja,deeparadhana as well
as Upanyasam on Sankara’s birth from Sankara Vijayam followed by
Bheejadhanam,lunch etc.

The other lectures were conducted  as per programme drawn up for the
ocassion.The Vidwans giving lecture on Siddhi literature were given special
sambhavana in addition to sambhavana given by Gurukulam authorities in view
of special efforts taken for the lecture contributed by Vedanta students in
India and abroad.

The music concert programmes after the Jayanthi was well attended to
encourage performers.

The audio lectures are available for free down load in


Each Vidwan has prepared a brief note which is uploaded in the respective

along with original text in PDF.These will enable all to listen to the
lectures in all

parts of the world.The efforts taken by Sri K Sundararaman in arranging

these lectures was appreciated by one and all.

A test video of lectures  are available in www.youtube.com/uadithianchannel

The photos will be uploaded shortly.

Sankara Gurukulam

K Sundararaman
kunchithapatham at gmail.com

सन्तोषः परमो लाभः सत्सङ्गः परमा गतिः ।
विचारः परमं ज्ञानं शमो हि परमं सुखम् ॥

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