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> AFIK, this narasimha upAsana occupy special place in Sringeri Peeta and
> all the acharyas worship Narasimha anustup mantra and narasimha salagrama.
> When
> Sankara was in trouble, it was Narasimha avEsha in Padmapada who saved
> from Kapalika.   In Sringeri Amnaya Peeta, it is the nArasimha
> sUkSma rUpa that guards the Acharyas.

I have only one comment to make here:  As per the shankaravijayaH, upon the
request of the kApAlika, Shankara happily agreed to oblige him.  He even
asked him to come to a place which His disciples would not  know/suspect
and at  a time when they would be away.  At the appointed time, Shankara
sat in nirvikalpa samadhi and thereby enabled the kApAlika's plan to go
ahead smoothly.  There is no question of Shankara being in trouble.  Here
is Shankara's response to the kApAlika's request:

//I do not get angry hearing your words.  I shall part with my head with
pleasure.  That which is destructible one day or other, and that which is
subject to afflictions from many causes, and for those who know the
transitoriness of the same,the body,  who will  hesitate to part with it
for those who desire the same? //  Sarga 11, 'ugrabhairavavadhaH' verse 25.


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> sriram
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