[Advaita-l] Pramana for adhyaropa apavada

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Please read his mails. He talks about the implication of Ishwara enjoying jIvA in response to my position on Ishwara does not become an object in bhakti . 

Can jIvA be bhogyam for Ishwara in vyavahara? If so, does it become jadam? It is reflection of consciousness, my dear. Please consider the position of vivarna, vartika on bimba and pratibimba before answering one way or the other.
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> <<Prana is only a symptom of life. Life is reflection of consciousness
> called jiva. This is what we love because we love atman. This is what
> transmigrates.>>

The point being made by Sri Subrahmanian was that the Atman can never be
bhogyam. He was not talking about jIva.
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