[Advaita-l] Pramana for adhyaropa apavada

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Sat May 11 02:20:04 CDT 2013

> If the jiva is bhogyam, it is jaDa and this is contradictory to the
> upanishad.  And if the Lord is dependent on the jaDa jiva for his bhoga, He
> is no longer nityatRpta; He will be another samsAri who looks for something
> outside of him to remain sated. This is the consequence of having a jiva
> that is different from the Lord.

RV: we see two sentient beings love each other in this world and enjoy each
other's love. neither of them become insentient because of being an object
of enjoyment. what is the logic in saying that a jiva will be jada if he is
enjoyed by the lord. If the jiva is absolutely different from the Lord,
then there is a defect of the Lord being dependent on some thing other than
Him for bliss but if the Lord uses His eternal energies for His enjoyment,
then He is self satisfied. Is it not?

> Even though mAyAshakti is beyond space and time, the mAyAkAryam, products
> of mAyA, are surely within the gamut of space and time.  Maya cannot, by
> rule, create anything that defies this law.
> RV: maya by definition can make the impossible posible. Where is the law
that says maya cannot produce a form beyond space and time? Leave alone the
Upanishads, even Madhusudana says that the Lotd's eternal form is not made
of pancha bhutas, which includes space. Sankara also says it is aprakrtam.

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