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Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Fri May 10 01:20:32 CDT 2013

<<Are there any other instances where BSB is treated as gauNa and is made
subservient to the Upanishad bhAshyas? Especially w.r.t. key issues like
avidyA in sushupti/samAdhi abhyAsa etc?>>

Note that the above is the view of SSS and his disciples, not the
mainstream view in the tradition.

Hare Krishna

Do we really want to separate Sri SSS's views from traditionalists on 
sushupti, when shankara himself talks a lot on sushupti in sUtra bhAshya 
itself??  I donot know who said exactly what from SSS camp (!! ??) when 
they argued that  sUtra bhAshya to be treated as gaUNa and bruhadAraNyaka 
bhAshya is mUkhya.  We can get plenty of quotes from sUtra bhAshya itself 
to strengthen the case that there is no mUlAvidyA or kAraNa rUpa avidya 
(which is not abhAva rUpa) in sushupti since the jeeva here in this state 
attains / merges in that secondless tattva.  For example in sUtra bhAshya 
3.2.7 (before 3.2.9) in sUtra bhAshya  shankara clearly says 
'swamapeetObhavati' shankara clarifies here, swa means Atma, 
apeethobhavati means he attains his own self.  If there really exists 
something 'anishta' called mUlAvidyA can jeeva attains this mergence?? 
Further in that same sUtra shankara says satha soumya thada sampanno 
bhavati (at the time of sushupti the individual jeeva merged in brahman), 
and in 2.3.18 sUtra and in bri.up. 4.3.23 too shankara clarifies 
yadwaithannapasyanthi pasyanvai thannapasyanthi, not knowing anything in 
sushupti is because of 'ekatvaM'.   I can still quote plenty of references 
like this from sUtra bhAshya itself, so sUtra bhAshya too like 
bruhadAraNyaka clearly says there is no avidyA (in bhAva rUpa which is NOT 
jnAnAbhAva) as such !!

Having said all these, Sri Shankara & Sri SSS donot anyway declare that ' 
go to sushupti and get mOksha' :-)) 

Anyway, I donot want to continue this discussion because all these issues 
are already done and dusted in this list itself earlier under the hostile 
atmosphere...I donot want to be the part of that scene again. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

PS :  Thanks Sri subbu prabhuji for your nice summary.  I really regret 
that I missed it.

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