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> On the topics of avidyA persisting in suShupti there indeed was a
> vociferous debate, as it could be expected.  At one occasion Vidwan Mani
> Dravid SastriNaH (MDS) read out a brahmasutra bhashya portion for the sutra
> 'sa eva tu karmAnusmRtiushabdavidhibhyaH' 3.2.9, the highlights of which
> is:
> // Here, the question discussed is whether the one who has attained union
> with the Sat during deep sleep rises from sleep or a different one.  The
> objection is that there is no rule that the same jIva who went to sleep
> emerges therefrom.  Just as when in a reservoir a drop of water is put it
> becomes one with the water there.  When one takes out a drop of water from
> there, it is impossible that it is the same drop which was put there.
> To this the siddhAntin says: it is the same jIva that comes out from
> sleep.
> After a fairly fine discussion on this, the objector's example is taken up
> for settlement:  In the drop-water analogy it is quite alright that there
> is no way of differentiating it is not possible to take out the 'same'
> drop.  But in the case of the jiva, however, there is this* differentiating
> factor called: karma and avidyA.  *//
> When this highlighted sentence of the bhAShyam which explicitly says that
> there is avidyA that is the differentiating factor for the jIva, the party
> that does not accept this made a protest saying that:
> 1. Sri SSS had given a footnote to that bhashya (as usual) to give it a
> different interpretation.
> 2. The above bhAShya has to be seen as gauNa, the mukhya being the ones in
> the Br.up. Bhashya which forms the basis for them to conclude that there is
> no avidyA for the jiva in suShupti.
Are there any other instances where BSB is treated as gauNa and is made
subservient to the Upanishad bhAshyas? Especially w.r.t. key issues like
avidyA in sushupti/samAdhi abhyAsa etc?

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