[Advaita-l] Eka jiva vada and nana jiva vada.

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You said -
The word asat is used in
the scriptures and in prakaraNa granthaas in the
sense of mithyaa.
I agree with this but
Gaudapada and Adi Sankara have nowhere said this
Mithya is Not Sat and Not
Asat or Sat Asat Vilakshana. This is purely
invented by Advaitis
afterwards to confuse Purva Pakshis like Naiyayikas
and Dvaitis. Mithya is
also Asat only. There is no other meaning for
Mithya. This is my final
conlusion and I will stop.
Shree Venkatesh – PraNAms
You can have your conclusions. Noone can change them other than your self.
However, your otherstatements are not true. I am giving an
example of Shankara’s Brahmajnaanvali slokas which are meditative slokas that
starts with... asangoham asangoham asangoham punaH puNaH ..etc.
In that one sloka points out the essence of adviatia vedanta and also the use of mithyaa for the
brahmasatyam jaganmithyaa jiivobrahmaiva naaparaH|
anena vedyam sachchhaastramiti Vedanta DinDimaH||
Jagat is mityaa is emphasized as the very essence of
Vedanta. Mityaa word is not invented by post Shankara advaitins – although it
is a appropriate word for that which is sat asat vilakshaNam. In the Viveka
Chudamani there are two slokas defining maaya by Shankara – that says it is sat
asat vilakshanma.
sannnapya sannaa ubhayaatmikaano
bhinnaapyabhinnaa ubhayaatmikaano
saangaapyanangaa ubhayaatmikaano
mahatbhuuta anirvacaniiya ruupa|
It is neither sat or asat or sat and asat put together, etc. 
I leave you with your conclusions. Wish you all the best. 
Hari Om!

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