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Namaste, Sriram ji.

Whether it is 'succumbing to pressure' or eagerness to go little *more* out
of the way (than the *sAmpradAyika yati*-s) to confer anugraham - we don't
know, sir. It is best to remain safe and not judge people doing spiritual

And yes spurious *yati*-s were there even in *rAmAyaNa* times!
*Ravana*being the most noted.

By the way, it was said in a *panchAnga SravaNam* for *vijayanAma
samvatsaram* - that this year the activity spurious swami-s will be on the

*tasmAt jAgrata*!!

On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 12:13 AM, Venkata sriram P
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> Namaste,
> //can't the "laukika sanyAsi-s" cut cakes as a way of anugraha fortheir
> "laukika-bhakta-s"//
> If they succumb to the pressures of such laukika bhaktAs, then the
> yati-dharmaitself would be at stake and gets diluted.
> That said, surEshwarAchArya had already said about such yatis which
> implies thatsuch sanyasis had already existed before.
> pramAdinO bahischittAH pishunAH kalahOtsukAHsanyAsinO(a)pi drushyantE
> daivasaMdUSitAshayAH
> sriram
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नगुरोरधिकं नगुरोरधिकं नगुरोरधिकं नगुरोरधिकम्।
शिवशासनतश्शिवशासनतः शिवशासनतश्शिवशासनतः ।।

- श्यामसुन्दर शर्मा

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