[Advaita-l] Eka jiva vada and nana jiva vada.

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Discourses by Swami Pamarthanandaji of chennai will really help


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> Shree Venkatesh - PraNAms
> The word
> asat is used in the scriptures and in prakaraNa granthaas in the sense of
> mithyaa. If the world is seen for Goudapaada to discuss about it then it is mithyaa by definition- dRisytavaat. See the discussion of Subbuji on Geeta II-16 where Krishna uses
> asat and Shankara interprets it as mithyaa. 
> The point is one has
> to understand contextually what is the meaning implied in the slokas by the word asat. It is obvious from your posts that a proper teacher is required to understand correctly. Considering these problems that arise due to misinterpretations, scripture itself advises to approach a teacher -
> praapyavaraan nibhodata, tat viddhi praNipaatena pariprashnena sevayaa, tat
> vijnaanaartham sa gurum eva abhigacchet, etc. 
> I have provided one reference for
> understanding GK - here it is againhttp://www.chinmayadc.org/sadananda.htm
> ManDuya and other texts are presented. 
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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>> But Alata Shanti Prakarana has said even experienced thing is Asat   
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