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Fri Mar 29 01:29:00 CDT 2013

Hare Krishna

Yes true.  But the same sloka is followed by the word "yO mE bhaktyA". 
And one must sincerely introspect oneself whether it is offered with the 
above bhAva or not.

> Yes, and this bhAva is equally important even when we are offering the 
cooked rice which is prepared on the kumpaTi, a strict traditional method 
of preparing naivedya.  One should not think, yes, I have prepared 
naivedya as per the traditional method, so when I offered this to lord 
mechanically,  he has to accept it without any excuses :-))  The bhAva, 
bhakti, shraddha & dhanyathA bhAva is more important even when we are 
offering the foods prepared on gas stoves or electric stoves.  After all 
we are offering the things which the lord has given to us already as 
bhiksha !! purandara dAsa sings this beautifully in Kannada, kereya 
neeranu kerege chelli varava padedavarante kANiro, hariya karUNadoLu Ada 
bhAgyava hari samarpaNe maadi badukiro.
tattvAs are fine but all this vEdAntA and tarka vanish in thin air when 
these people don't get their monthly salaries in time, doesn't get 
tea/coffee in the morning, snacks & breakfasts, evening snacks :))

>  For that matter even brahma jnAni-s and avatAra purusha-s  too not free 
from this occasional outbursts..rAma was not aware that it was  mAyA mruga 
that he was chasing !! :-)) 

>  And another  example,  today morning I was too upset and fired my son 
bitterly as he removed the scratch resistant screen from my newly 
purchased mobile :-))  See, how  jnAni-s behave/responds  eccentrically 
sometimes for trifle things and events :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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