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Basaveswara says

"Lord! I wanted to bring waters from Ganges for your abhisheka.  But the
and frogs in Ganges said that the water is polluted by them.

What shall I do O! Lord?

Lord! I wanted to collect Tummi flowers for your puja. But innumerable bees
about the branches say that the flowers are polluted by them.

What shall I do O! Lord?

Lord! I wanted to bring cow's milk for your nivedana. But the calves say
that the milk is polluted by them.

What shall I do O! Lord?

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 4:26 PM, kuntimaddi sadananda <
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> Shree Sriram answered beautifully. As a side note naivedyam is what you
> offer and when Bhagavan accepts it and returns it back taking only the
> bhakti part that you offer, it becomes prasAdam. In principle, whatever you
> consume you should offer it first to the Lord and consume it with an
> attitude of prasAda buddhi - which involves a reverential attitude towards
> what you are consuming since it is now recognized that it is coming from
> Bhagavan. Hence it is not only food that you take in but whatever you
> takein with all the five sense should be taken in with that attitude of
> prasAda buddhi. Hence Krishna says - yat karoshi yat ashnaasi -- whatever
> you do or whatever you eat.. etc offere it to Me with Bhakti. In essence
> Bhakti is an essential ingradient of the offer - it is also recognition
> that He is the one who gives the results for all actions - hence yat
> karoshi - offer whatever you do - that becomes karmayoga. PrasAda involves
> acceptance without
>  resistance - whether it is sweet, salty, tasty or not tasty, you accept
> it with referential attitude since it is coming from Him. The attitude
> involving non-reaction to the results of action should be involved in the
> prasAda buddhi - All this are meant for purification of the mind.
> The fact is there is really nothing that belongs to you that you can
> offer, since you came into the world with nothing and when you leave you
> cannot take a penny with you - hence attitidue should be - tvadIyam vastu
> govinda tubhameva samarpaye - Oh Lord this is all yours but I am offering
> it to you since I have a notion that this is mine. It is your false
> ownership that you think is real is what you are offering since everything
> belongs to Him - nay everthing is Him only since He became everything.
> PrasAdam also involves sharing with everybody - Hence whatever that comes
> from the Lord has to be shared with everyone. This becomes a means to
> develop detachment to the things that come due to praarabda or
> purushaartha. For the ritual part follow what Sriram wrote.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
> >________________________________
> > From: Venkata sriram P <venkatasriramp at yahoo.in>
> >
> >
> >We have to follow our own kulAchAra that has been handed down by our
> elders at home.
> >
> >Prof. SK Ramachander Rao wrote a beautiful book *sAlagrAma kOsha* which
> is available. It details out different types of sAlagrAmAs and the puja
> paddhati.
> >
> >Strictly speaking, what we eat everyday have to be offered before the
> Lord and only then it becomes the prasAda.  Consumption of such bhagavat
> prasAda gives chitta shuddhi.
> >
> >Just ponder and think that the poor sAlagrAma is having a couple of
> coconuts everyday and you are having a sumptual meal with rice, dal etc. If
> you too are subsisting on those couple of coconuts, then there is nothing
> wrong in offering the same to Lord.
> >
> >It is just a matter of bhAvukata which is most important and my guruji
> used to stress on this sensitivity (bhAvukata) only.
> >
> >We enjoy all the good food in life whereas the poor panchAyAtana is fed
> with couple of bananas and coconuts.  There is bhagavat-sAnnidhya in the
> panchAyAtana.  Utmost care is ensured in worshipping them.
> >
> >regs,
> >sriram
> >
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