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Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 25 23:46:30 CDT 2013

As far as I know the traditional ghanapAThis chant the ghanapATha directly
from the padapATha. They don't need a printed version of the ghanapATha.
Besides, a printed version of the ghanapATha would be too voluminous. There
is a definite pattern of chanting:
1-2-2-1-1-2-3-3-2-1-1-2-3   2-3-3-2-2-3-4-4-3-2-2-3-4

There are also some intricate rules involved in following the padapATha for
chanting the ghanapATha, which are best learned directly from a ghanapAThi,
not through books. Of course, the best possible way of chanting ghanapATha
is not to use any books at all. I am not sure how many people can chant a
whole Veda that way today, although I have seen selected mantras being
chanted without the aid of books. I have the Rg veda with samhitApATha and
padapATha along with sAyaNAchArya's commentary. This makes it cumbersome to
use for chanting purposes.

You can contact the Vedanta Book House and check if they have the padapATha
texts. If you want the Rgveda padapATha specifically, you may also call
GhanapAThI Yajneshvara Aital, whose number you already have. He has a very
accurate padapATha text and also knows where it is available.


Bhaskar wrote:

Hare Krishna

I'd like to know if there is any printed book available on ghanapAtaM of
Rigveda or Yajurveda saMhitA maNtra-s in Kannada, Sanskrit or Telugu.  I
have one Sanskrit book which contains only Yajurvedeeya AshirvAda
ghanapAtam published by Sri Suresh & collection of some Rigveda &
Yajurveda ghanapAtaM in Kannada published by purNa prajna, Bangalore.  I
heard that in Telugu there is a good book available on ghanapAtaM
published by 'Chellam' !!??  (not sure of the publisher name).

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

PS :  Sri Sivasenani Nuri prabhuji, Sri Sriram prabhuji I special request,
 as you both have close contacts with Telugu speaking ghanapAti-s.

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