[Advaita-l] A rare opportunity to learn Vedanta paribhAShA etc. in Kannada

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 01:45:04 CDT 2013


Here is a unique opportunity for Bangaloreans to learn three important
texts in the medium of Kannada:

1.  Vedanta ParisbhAshA:  A work discussing fundamental topics of
importance pertaining to the Advaita Vedanta.

2.  Tarka Sangraha : A basic text of the nyAya shAstra that is important to
appreciate Vedanta of all schools.

3.  Yatindra matha  deepikaa: A text that contains explanations to
fundamental concepts pertaining to the vishishTAdvaita school of Sri

The above texts that are in Sanskrit will be taught in Kannada by scholars
who are experts in the above fields.

The classes will be for ten days, in the evening, from 6 to 9 PM.  The
dates will be tentatively in the mid-April, soon after yugAdi.  There will
be no fees for attending the classes.  There is no age and gender bar.

This will be the first phase of the program.  Subsequent phases will be
taken up with a gap of two months and at the end of the third phase the
teaching of the texts mentioned above will be completed.

The venue will be: Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram (PPSM), Poornaprajna
vidyApeeTha complex, Bangalore 560028.

Interested persons please contact:  Dr.A.V. Nagasampige, Director, PPSM:
9902093418 or   email ppsmb1 at gmail.com

Pl. make arrangements with your workplaces now itself to be able to attend
the program on all the ten days.  Make the evenings free for just ten
days.  Inform all your friends/relatives and encourage them to attend the
classes.  You can come with your spouse, parents and sons/daughters,
brothers and sisters and cousins who are interested.  Learning texts
pertaining to our Vaidika sanAtana dharma will enhance our internal worth
in many ways than one.   Tell about this to people in your neighborhood.

Om Tat Sat

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