[Advaita-l] Eka jiva vada and nana jiva vada.

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One more reference which is relevant to the discussion:

BSB 1.1.2

The words 'from which' denote the cause. The full sense of the Sûtra
therefore is: That omniscient omnipotent cause from which proceed the
origin, subsistence, and dissolution of this world--which world is
differentiated by names and forms, contains *many agents and enjoyers*
(aneka kartru-bhOktru samyuktasya) , is the abode of the fruits of actions,
these fruits having their definite places, times, and causes, and *the
nature of whose arrangement cannot even be conceived by the mind* (manasA
api achintyamAna rUpasya),--that cause, we say, is Brahman.

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>> I want to know in which sutra and the bashya in BSB,Sri.Shankara
>> discusses on the "Eka jiva vada and the nana jiva vada"?The meemamsakas
>> donot subsribe to "Eka jiva vada"but to "Nana jiva vada"otherwise their
>> theory of Karma cannot fit their concept.
>> N.Srikanta.
> Here are some quotes for your quiery:
> BSB 3.2.38. From him (i.e. the Lord, there comes) the fruit (of works);
> for (that only) is possible.

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