[Advaita-l] Eka jiva vada and nanajiva vada.

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Wed Mar 20 06:19:34 CDT 2013

Hare Krishna

If you are familiar with Holenarsipur Swami and followers they will
give much respect to Gaudapada Karika and Brahma Sutra Bhashya only.
Other Bhashya is not important. 

>  Kindly let me know where did you get this information??

Can you give proof for Nana Jeeva Vada in these sources?

>  From the upAdhi bedha drushti shankara accepts nAnA jeeva vAda.  This 
has been explained earlier.  The bhAshyakAra accepted both the views (i.e. 
eka & nAnA jeeva vAda) from different stand points.  And we would get 
reference from the bhAshya for both the view points. As said earlier when 
samashti antaHkaraNa upAdhi taken the self is called as mahAn Atma or 
hiraNyagarbha or prathamaja (the first born) But when the word 'bhOkta' is 
mentioned it denotes an individual soul (jeeva) with a separate set of 
upAdhi.  In the sUtra bhAshya (perhaps in the 3rd adhyAya) shankara 
clarifies and justifies the implication of the plurality of jeeva-s as 
this plurality is due to different upAdhi-s.

Gaudapada and Adi Sankara both were Pure Eka Jeeva Vadis. We have to 
understand this.

>  both views have been supported by our AchArya under different context. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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