[Advaita-l] Eka jiva vada and nanajiva vada.

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> Scriptures say that even plants have life and here is an assertion that
> the people seen are the soulless bodies moving around. Is this not a step
> ahead of idealist Buddhism who admit that there are multiple subjects at
> least?
> BTW I would like to know where Shankara subscribes to this view. Pointers
> are welcome.

A few days ago I had said:

//That is the reason Eka jiva prakriyA is admitted as the preeminent one in
Vedanta.  The siddhAntaleshasangraha, the vedantasiddhAntamuktavaLi, the
Mandukya kArikA and bhAShya, the kaivalyopanishat and the sUtasamhitA that
comments on it are valuable sources for the study of Ekajiva vAda
prakriyA.  A fine account of this prakriyA is given in the English book:
sridakshinAmurtistotram Vol.I in pages 217 to 268 with copious
notes/citations from the aforesaid vedantic works.  //

Given below are some references to the shAnkara bhAShyam and mANDUkya
kArikA-s (MK):

   - MK 2.12, 16, 17, 19, 18
   - On 'only one sajIvajIva' MK 3.10 and bhAShya
   - On 'True knowledge from illusory shruti': BGB 18.66
   - On dRShTisRShTivAda: MK 4.67 and bhashya and AnandagiriTIkA
   - BSB
   - MK 4.64, 66 and bhashyam
   - On 'not buddhism in disguise" BSB
   - On 'Dream analogy resolves every doubt': MK 4.64,65 and bhashyam
   - On 'World is naught': MK 4.47 to 52 , 4.45 with bhashyam
   - on 'jIvahood is naught': MK 2.16, 4.68, 69, 70 and bhashya which says:
   //jivas such as human beings, etc. seen in the waking state, though really
   non-existent, are merely the imagination of the mind -  तथा मनुष्यादिलक्षणा
   अविद्यमाना एव चित्तव्कल्पनामात्रा इत्यर्थः.  In answer to the question
   posed by Sri Ramachandra on the number of jivas, Sri VasishTha says ....see
   Yo.vA. 3.14. 18 to 20
   - 'On Atman alone Is' : BSB
   - MK 2.32, 4.71,72
   - On 'apavAdadRShTi': MK 1.15, 2.31


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