[Advaita-l] mithyaa / anirvachaniiya and asattva

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> Is there a category "It is there and experienced"?
> Can brahman become an object of experience without losing its svarupa? I
> think that is Ishwara but am sure many would disagree who say Ishwara is
> mithya.

Why go as far as Ishwara when it is brahman alone that is experienced by
everyone always:

In the aparokShAnubhUti we have a fine verse:

सर्वोऽपि व्यवहारस्तु ब्रह्मणा क्रियते जनैः ।
अज्ञान्न विजानन्ति मृदेव हि घटादिकम् ॥ ६५

Whatever is done by everyone is always 'with' Brahman.  In other words, the
Only One Existent 'vastu' Brahman alone is the doer, the doing, the done
upon. All clay-products are nothing but clay.  All brahma-vikAra is none
other than Brahman.  Brahman alone appears as all. The pramAtR, the
pramANam and the prameyam are all only Brahman projected as the

See the Vishnusahasranama bhashyam of Shankara for the word 'aprameyaH'
occurring in the very beginning.


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