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> In the case of the world, from a vyaavahaarika perspective, isn't its
> existence independent of anyone perceiving the world? Using anumaana and
> arthaapatti, we know that the earth and the stars existed before there were
> any humans to cognize the world, before any life for that matter.

If you subscribe to shrishTi-drishTi vAda then there will be no problems.
The world was created by Ishwara and it is the result of his visualization.
The rig vEda says:

sUryA chandra-asau dhAtA yathApUrva akalpayat
divam cha prithivIm cha antariksham atho svah...

So how is
> the existence of the world anirvachaniiya?
The world is there for the ignorants and it is  real for them. There is no
world in sushupti and when a jnAni is in samAdhi. Then, is it real or
Swami Vidyaranya nicely answers:

6.130. Maya is looked upon in three ways. From the point of view of
knowledge and
Shruti it is negligible (tuccha); for empirical reason it is indefinable
(anirvachanIyA) and for the ordinary people it is real (vAstavI).

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