[Advaita-l] Dog sitting in front of Pooja Room

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Mar 14 05:23:50 CDT 2013

In rg veda, there are a set of mantrAs which extol the dEvata shunaka called *saramA*.
This is indra-shUni ie., the uttama jAti shunaka (dog) which is the watch dog of
swarga lOka.  Quite often this shunaka's services were taken by Indra when divine
cows were hijacked by the asurAs.  
Interestingly, Lord Varuna has a pet dog which used to keep vigil at night.  When Sage
Vashishta arrived to meet Varuna, the dog barked at him.  Then, Vasishta composed 
a hymn that describes the beautiful jaws, white shining teeth of that dEva shunaka.  
The indian dogs what we see are said to be the descendants of that dEva shunaka *saramA* which keeps vigil at night in the swarga lOka :))
When time permits, would post the sUkta dedicated to this indra dUti / indra-shUni which
is in rg veda.  

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