[Advaita-l] Hindi translation of the 'RatnaprabhA' commentary

V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 12:08:39 CST 2013

Recently I came across a Hindi translation of the 'RatnaprabhA' commentary
on the Brahma sutra bhAShya of Shankara.  This commentary is very useful
for the understanding of the bhAShya. Those not well versed in Sanskrit but
know Hindi will find the publication extremely valuable. I read through a
few pages and found it to be quite good with a lot of foot notes and

The details of the publication are:

'brahmasUtra hindi anuvAd'

'shAnkaraBhAShya - ratnaprabhA bhAShyAnuvAd sahit'

anuvAdak:  yativar shrI bhole bAbA'

In Five Volumes:  Total cost Rs.2500.  Talk to the Chennai book shop and
ask for maximum discount.

BhAratIya vidyA prakAshan  Delhi and vAraNAsI

email: bvpbooks at gmail.com    [this is the publisher's email. write to them
to find out how much discount they can give and compare with chennai shop
and then place the order]

Address in Chennai:

Jayalkshmi Indological

Old No 6 New No 11, Opp To Sanskrit College, Appar Swamy Koil Street,
Mylapore, Chennai - 600004 | View Map



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