[Advaita-l] I am Alone in the Universe?

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> It is not possible to logically refute the eka-jIva-vAda. However, I would
> like to point out that even a dream object, be it a person or an inert
> thing, must have as its substratum (adhiShThAna) Brahman Itself.
Simply stated any experience of an object implies its existence; otherwise mind cannot experience. This is true in vyaavahaarika or in praatibhaasika. 
The very existence of an object is supported by Brahman, the pure unqualifed existence. Object existence is only qualified existence with attributive content that differentiates one object from the other. 
Any object experience therefore involes the unqualified Brahman as adhiShThaanam and the qualifed attributes of an object, plus the subject, the reflected consciousness. Hence knowledge of any object whether in dream or in waking state involves the consciousness of the subject joining as though the existence in the form (attribute) of an object of one to be conscious of the existence of an object. The manudukya Up defines both waking and deam states in parallel as- ekona vimshati mukhaH.
There cannot be anything other than Brahman, by definiton. Hence Brahman has to be adhishTaanam for everything or anything that exsits. Only thing that cannot exist are those with logical contradictions like vandhaaputraH. 
eka jiiva vaada pertains to understanding that I am a saaskhii. aneka jiiva vaada pertains to misunderstanding that I am ahankaara indentifying with BMI. Mithyaama jnaanam involves while perceiving the apparent plurality, recognizing the eka jiiva that I am; and that is self-realization. The rest is confusion.
Hari Om!

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