[Advaita-l] I am Alone in the Universe?

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various prakriyAs are used to help one understand that 'as though' real is
not real!
Swami Sarvabhutananda

On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 10:00 PM, S Srivastava <sksrivastava68 at gmail.com>wrote:

> But Jeeva is saying I am Alone in Universe because all these people I
> > am seeing and things and the Universe I am seeing itself is my dream.
> > There is no proof for these people being actually real.
> Sir: This point needs to be further elaborated to avoid Advaita ending up
> in solipsism.
> It is correct that there is no proof for "these" people being actually
> real. However there is no proof either for this particular body and mind to
> be actually real. In dream I have a different body and a different mind. In
> deep sleep I have neither any body nor any mind.
> All I can say for sure is that something is being experienced right now.
> Sat and Chit aspect of experiencing are self evident and do not need any
> proof. No one can convince you otherwise because it is known immediately.
> All other experience -including that of this body mind- is made up of
> sensations and thoughts and images as they appear in  awareness. There is
> no way to ascertain if there is any real "thing-in-itself" corresponding to
> each of them. Apart from these appearances in I awareness there is nothing
> that I have ever experienced in past or will ever experience in future.
> Belief in the existence of any reality independent of "I" awareness is just
> that - a belief.
> In fact even to say that all that I experience is appearances in my I
> awareness is saying too much. The feeling of I experiencing something is
> also part of the same experiencing - appearing as though it is a separate
> entity experiencing the experienced. There is no center in this
> experiencing. The feeling that the body or the part behind the brows
> is experiencer is part of the total experience.
> > They are not
> > Jeevas like me. They look like me they talk like me they behave like
> > me but they are dream objects. My parents and wife and children are
> > dream objects.
> Sure. But what about the body which is seeing these words and the mind that
> is interpreting the meaning of these words? Are they real or unreal? As
> long as they appear real, the parents and wife and children are also real.
> praNAm
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