[Advaita-l] I am Alone in the Universe?

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Shree Venkatesh - Interestingly this topic was the discussion as part of puurvapaksha in the Vichaarasa saagara of Nischaladaasa that Swami Paramarthanandaji is currently doing at Astika samaaja. It just so happend that I attended these classes during my short visit here. I am preparing the notes and hopefully this question will be addressed. In essence the question raised was is Saakshii is single or plural. Puurvapakshi claims that saakshii if it all exists is plural and therefore identity as interpreted by advaita for mahaavaakya is wrong. More when I prepare the notes. 
Hari Om!

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>Some Advaitis have accepted the Eka Jeeva Vada. This is saying I am
>Alone in the Universe. The people in the world are only in my dream
>not real. They are not different Jeevas but my dream creations. God is
>also my dream creation. Even they say if a Guru comes and gives
>instructions he is also in my dream only. He is teaching me in my
>dream. But question is how can anyone take the Guru seriously if he is
>only a dream creation? How can there be liberation without taking Guru
>In Wikipedia
>They have said Advaita is different from this Solipsism. How is the
>Eka Jeeva Vada different from Solipsism?
>Some say there is proof for I am Alone in the Universe. They are
>searching for earth like planet with life but they have not found it.
>We are alone in the Universe. Like this in the world also I am alone.
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