[Advaita-l] Vijnanavada and the concept of Alayavijnana.

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In his "Alambana Pariksha book"Dignaga writes "Yadantar Jneya rupam tad
> bahiriva avabhasate"

Thanks for sharing this. Sounds very similar to the starting verse of
DakshiNAmUrthy stotram - vishwam darpaN drshyamAn nagarI tulyam

> is quoted by Sri.Shankara in BSB under the topic
> ":Abhavadhikarana"Sri.Shankara criticises this concept of idealistic
> Mahayana Budhism in this topic.

The fact that the world exists internally is confirmed by our experience
also. However, substance of this experience is I awareness. If the
substance is also dismissed, it leads to solipsism.
"This part that the world exists internally is confirmed by our experience.However,substance of this experienceis "I awareness".If the substance is dismissed,it leads to solipsism"
This part is answered by Sri.Gaudapada in his fourth Prakarana called "Alata Shanti prakarana"of the Agama sastra.In the fourth prakarana he questions the basis of this "I" thought,by the karika,"Evam na jayate cittam,chitta drsysm na Jayate,yam pasyati tam jatim,khe vai pasyanti te padam".The mind is not born,so also what appears to the mind.Those who see this,see their footprints in the sky!" 
The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad also states"Sa bahyobyantaro hyajah".He is verily "Unborn"both internally and externally.

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