[Advaita-l] time, mAyA and nirguNa brahma

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 4 02:09:47 CST 2013

Here are some thoughts on "time" in vedAnta - I realize 
that not everyone will agree with the description below.
However, just in case some people find it useful, I am
sharing these thoughts:
1. Broadly speaking there are three entities here:
   a. nirguNa brahma - the absolute reality.
   b. saguNa vishva - the world as is projected to us.
   c. Adi mAyA - the power which projects the saguNa vishva
      out of nirguNa brahma.
2. Everything in the saguNa vishva is a projection of something
   in nirguNa brahma.
3. So "time" in saguNa vishva must also be a projection of "something"
   in nirguNa brahma. Let us call this "something" - "Time".
4. "Time" is absolute, while "time" is relative.
5. The concept of "before" and "after", based on my understanding, is
   an absolute concept, and hence belongs to the domain of "Time".
6. The relative concepts like "decay", "ageing", ... belong to the
   domain of "time".
7. Lastly, a conjecture: "Time" is the one that is associated with 
   the collapse of a wavefunction in Quantum mechanics, while, "time"
   is the one that follows the rules of Relativity. That is, unification
   of relativity and quantum theory is potentially possible in this
   vedanta inspired framework. If someone is interested in taking this
   forward - Best Wishes from my side. (I do not see myself able to
   devote any time to this for a very long time.)

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