[Advaita-l] Past, Present and Future

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PraNAms -In Vedanta ParibhaaSha, the time factor was analyzed. In principle when I perceive an object, following meemamsaka position, I percive existing space and time - as it is. In a continous perception the discrete perceptions are taken as continous since vRitti or thought is cosidered as discrete. It is like a movie of continous still pictures. 
In principle what you say is correct. Present also is not real - it is where the past meets the future and the gap can be divided into second, micro second, peco second etc until there is only one who is dividing conscious entity that is left without any division. That is the real presence. Everything else is based on perceptions and all perceptions are mithyaa. 
Live in the present since one can act only in present and enjoy in the present and present itself is mithyaa. Live in the present then implies be present in the present enjoing the vibhhuti of the time and time and its byproducts. For details critical anaysis of Vedanta paribhaasha refer to http://www.adviataforum.org/. 
Hari Om!

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>Is there analysis of Time factor in Advaita?
>I read somewhere but I cannot remember. The Past is dead. It is Maya.
>The future we do not know. The Future is also Maya. The Present only
>is real.
>Is there something like this in Advaita books? Kindly give references.
>But if Present is the real thing it also gets converted to Past in the
>next moment. How can you say Present is real? A real thing cannot
>become Maya.
>The Future moment will become Present. How can Maya become real?
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