[Advaita-l] samavartanam

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sun Mar 3 22:55:27 CST 2013

But in theory samavartana could be performed as soon as Gayatri mantra 
upadesha has been given
With the samAvartana, the dress code of brahmachAri changes.  dwiteeya yajnOpavita
is given followed by wearing of pancha-kaccha and uttareeya. 
The reason behind wearing of pancha-kaccha is that after this samskAra, he should 
be ready enough to shoulder the grihasthAshrama dharma and the vidhi for male 
grihastha is wearing pancha-kaccha, uttareeya and for grihiNIs is maDisaar.  This is 
to protect one's lajjatva which is called "hrI".  The moment one is conscious of one's
own external body, the dress code changes which is why ladies are requested to
wear the maDisaar and males are requested to wear pancha-kaccha & uttareeya. 
This nishedha is not for brahmachAri and yati

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