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Mon Jul 29 05:38:27 CDT 2013

Shreeman - here are some considerations and logical sequence of thoughts.
1.Brahman means infiniteness. 
2. Gunas or attributes belong to finites - helps one to distinguish from the the other.
3. Infinite cannot have attributes - hence nirguNa - since attributes make it finite.
4. Infinite cannot undergo modification since it is infinite.
5. Creation involves a modification. 
6. Since Brahman cannot undergo modification, no creation is possible from the point of Brahman - hence it is stated as sajaati-vijaati-swagata bheda rahitam.
7. Hence Logically also Shree Subbuji's statement follows.
8. This has been exhaustively analyzed in Mandukya karaka by Shree Goudapaada.
9. Since we see creation, it cannot be really real, since there cannot be any creation in or by Brahman. 
10. That which is not possible is made possible by maayaa -Hence Shankara gives that as the very definition for maayaa - aghaTita ghaTanaa paTiiyasii maayaa.
11. Shaastras and logic do not depend on our agreements are disagreements. 
Hari Om!

From: Shrinivas Gadkari <sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com>
>I VERY STONGLY disagree with your statement below. On the 
>contrary, nirguNa brahma has EVERYTHING to do with EVERY
>single aspect of creation. 
>I do not know when this devastating paradigm entered into 
>the Indian spiritual thinking? At least I do not sense this
>being around from the overall outlook of main characters
>in mahabhArat and ramayana.

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