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Mon Jul 29 05:13:16 CDT 2013

Please explain exactly what you mean and why you think it is so 

sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Vyas prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Perhaps Sri Srinivas prabhuji objecting to the below statement :

// quote //

We have to know that the Nirguna brahman has nothing to do with any aspect
of creation.  It is only the Brahman with mAyopAdhi that is called
sometimes Parabrahman to differentiate it from apara brahman that are
Hiranyagarbha, virAT and the like.  In the Taittiriya shruti 'yato vA 
bhUtAni jAyantE....yat prayantyabhisamvishanti' it is the mAyopAdhika
brahman that is the source, support and resolution abode of creation.

// unquote//

It may give an impression that there are three categories of brahman i.e. 
firstly,  paraprahman (nirguNa, niravayava, nirvishesha, which does not 
have any relation to upAdAna and nimitta kAraNa of this jagat), secondly 
mAyOpAdhi brahman (not apara brahman but parabrahman only but we call this 
brahman as mAyOpAdhi brahma, which is both upAdAna & nimitta kAraNa of 
this jagat ) and thirdly apara brahma ( which is called hiraNya garbha 
etc. which is different from both parabrahman and mayOpAdhi brahman (or 
jagat kAraNa brahman)  as explained by Sri subbu prabhuji.  I think this 
is what confusing for him (and for me also :-)) 

your humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

PS :  On the guru pUrNima day I had sent my praNAms to your goodself & Sri 
vidyA prabhuji, seeking blessings...but unfortunately,  both of you, it 
seems,  ignored my mesg. 

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