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> > RV:  According to Shri Jaldhar Vyas Ishwara and Vedas lose their identity
> > or in other words become one with parabrahman. According to you, Ishwara
> > remains as avyakta. These are not equivalent and contradictory unless you
> > say that Ishwara as Avyakta is non-different from Parabrahman.

We have to know that the Nirguna brahman has nothing to do with any aspect
of creation.  It is only the Brahman with mAyopAdhi that is called
sometimes Parabrahman to differentiate it from apara brahman that are
Hiranyagarbha, virAT and the like.  In the Taittiriya shruti 'yato vA imAni
bhUtAni jAyantE....yat prayantyabhisamvishanti' it is the mAyopAdhika
brahman that is the source, support and resolution abode of creation.

As I have pointed out several times before, the terms Ishwara, Brahman,
Parabrahman, devatA, etc. that are used in Vedanta/Advaita texts have to be
understood in the specific context.  A generalization will result in
confusion.  So, the best course would be to pick out a particular text,
paraphrase those portions and then seek to know the meanings of terms


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