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> Hare Krishna. I have already addressed these points in the previous post. Please read and let me know what you disagree with (or consider non-sense) and why. 
> The names and forms, like ours, born of karma get destroyed on its exhaustion and during pralayas. However, the names and forms of devas, brahmaloka etc. described in the eternal shruti re-emerge as before. Do you consider vyavahara eternal? 
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Others have addressed some of these points. Let me just point out that the key
point involved would be how you understand what is meant by eternality. If
vyavahAra is thought of as eternal in a timeless sense, then there is no moksha
for anybody. If vyavahAra is thought of as a process that lasts long (pravAha
nityatva) and keeps on going till one gets out of it through jnAna, then that
kind of eternality is acceptable to advaitins.
Let me also point out that the Sruti also re-emerges as before. It does not stay
untouched by pralaya and the start of a new kalpa. It requires new Rshi-s in every
new kalpa to whom it will reveal itself.

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