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Hare Krishna. I have already addressed these points in the previous post. Please read and let me know what you disagree with (or consider non-sense) and why. 

The names and forms, like ours, born of karma get destroyed on its exhaustion and during pralayas. However, the names and forms of devas, brahmaloka etc. described in the eternal shruti re-emerge as before. Do you consider vyavahara eternal? 
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> Hare Krishna. Does advaita admit of an eternal loka - vaikuntha or 
> kailasa - within vyavahara?

Your question doesn't make any sense.  Any vyavaharic thing is by 
definition limited by time i.e. non-eternal.  The last adhikarana of the 
brahmasutras deals with krama mukti and based on that you could call the 
brahmaloka eternal in a relative way because those jivas who have attained 
it never return into samsara.  However, they along with the brahmaloka are 
merged into brahman at the mahapralaya.

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