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Gopal gopal.gopinath at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 21:33:44 CDT 2013

Dear All,

Please follow the link below to browse thru the list of articles from the
souvenir released on the occassion of Devi Mahotsavam held in April 2013 at
Sri Siva Vishnu Temple near washington, DC (www.ssvt.org). This event was
held due to the blessings of Acharya and the Grace of the Mother. This was
a collaboration between the satsang in Maryland/Virginia area - Ananths'
Veda Group (www.ananthsvedagroup.org). The group had earlier held  a
Maharudram at the same venue in April of 2012 commomerating the centeneary
celebrations of the peetarohana of Sri Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi

Advaitin list members like Sri Subbu (Kenopanishad), Sri Sadaji
(Advaitin-view), past member Sri Ramakrishna (on Prapatti) have written for
this Souvenir. Some of you may be interested in the comparison of the rig
vaideeka siddhantha laid out be Sri Madhwacharya and Sri Aurobindo.  By Her
Grace, Mother's reign from vedic to contemporary period has been captured
to a small extent in this souvenir.


SSVT temple (www.ssvt.org) is celebrating Mahaganapathy Mahotsavam to
complete the celebrations of past 2 years, in Sept, 2013. Any members
willing to submit articles on Ganapahty (new or old with permission),
please email me.
The deadline is Aug. 12th.

Again, thanks to all the elders for the support.



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