[Advaita-l] Traditional Scholarship vs Modern Pseudo-Intellectualism

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Jul 24 00:53:20 CDT 2013

The objective Sri Chamu Krishna Sastry is to propagate sanskrit among masses.  He is doing 
yeoman service in spreading this deva bhasha.  

Just as a small infant picks up his own mother tongue by constantly listening to his parents and
surrounding people, similarly, sanskrit should be spoken among the householders (particularly mothers) so that the children pick them up easily.   And, samskrita bhArati is on the job and
were able to transform some families successfully.  Already, some of the families are speaking
sanskrit at home.  

Even though the infant at home is unaware of the vyakarana shastra, he is able to speak correct and fluent mother tongue.  

So, Sri Chamu Krishna Sastry wants this achievement in sanskrit.  

Atleast, some people like Sri Chamu has lit the torch of sanatana dharma and we must appreciate their services and contribution.  

My Mission Statement for Unity among Hindus is:

1) Let Sanskrit be made National Language of India
2) Let Cow be declared a National Animal of India
3) Let us go back to the principles of ancient vedic lore 
4) Let us worship Surya Devata who is the pratyakSa dEvata for all the Hindus irrespective of the 
5) sandhyOpAsana is the vidhi for all the Hindus irrespective of varNa dharma 

(i have seen fishermen in coastal belt of Andhra Pradesh doing surya namaskara and arghya pradana early in the morning before setting off to sea coast for fishing)

6) Let Ramayana be adored by all the Hindus irrespective of Caste, Creed and Sex

Only then, there would be strong bondage among the Hindus to fight the onslaughts from anya-matAs.


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